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Welcome - Bienvenidos

By Bill and Dorothy Bell...over 25 years of road travel in Mexico

Taking a Mexico Road trip? Search no further.

MEXICO - On The Road In provides a comprehensive Mexico travel guide for those who want to drive by car, RV, camp and drive throughout the Baja, Pacific, Gulf Coast, and Yucatan Mexico.

It provides the user with easy and free access to over 400 RV, trailer parks, and camping sites and many of the country's finest golf courses  and hotels through interactive maps. 

Before you travel make sure you have the right car insurance or RV insurance coverage. If you have a question please contact us at editor@ontheroadin.com


 Baja California

RV parks and camping spots

 This collection of RV parks and camping spots is based on the amazing amount of information compiled by Bill and Dor- othy Bell in a customized Google map. This map links to even more information on their website: Ontheroadin.com.

In addition to the location and basic information about each site, I find the photos that Bill and Dorothy have taken of the sites to be very useful. They really are worth a thousand words.

This document is organized more or less geographically. It runs south from Tijuana to Los Cabos, with a few side trips. It does not cover Mexicali to San Felipe. If that’s where you’re going, please check the links above.

Things change fast in today’s world. If you’re planning a long day’s drive to get to a particular RV park or camping spot just before dark, make sure you have a back-up plan in case it’s full or closed.

Enjoy your trip!

– Soren Bech

December 2013

Click here to view and download Baja Camping guide


Buy your Vehicle Insurance from Someone You Can Trust....Not a neon sign at the side of the highway

Many people buy their vehicle insurance just before they enter Mexico. And while it might work for them, it could mean a major problem if they get into an accident. Who was that agent?

Get a free quote for Mexico Car InsuranceBill and Dorothy Bell are known experts in Mexico. You have probably visited one of their acclaimed websites or heard them on radio or in the news. They are folks you can trust for solid advice and have been for 25 years.

See Travel Buddies here

How to travel throughout this site!

Simply click on the map below any area you wish to discover. As the map gets larger with each progressive click, you will see various icons or symbols (see below)

On the Road In Mexico Map

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The Baja

West Coast


Gulf Coast


Free Spanish Lessons



Surfing for fun?

Browse Articles About Mexico. Everything from Acapulco Cliff Divers to the Mazatlan Carnival. Fishing for Dorado to the whales in Scammon's Lagoon. Tons of Articles to read about Mexico.

Mardi Gras Mazatlan   Grey Whales Scammon's Lagoon          Fishing for Dorado     Acapulco Divers

Mazatlan Carnival     Whales at Scammon's      Dorado Adventure      Acapulco Cliff Divers

What every traveller should know?  Click Here

RV throughout Mexico

Google Map for RV and Camping Locations on Mainland Mexico.  Click the Map

Photos Galore!

Photographs to explore this month. Click to see their gallery

   Mexico Cathedral     Baja fishing       Mexico Flamingos   Tajin

San Luis Potosi          The Majestic Baja     Celestun Flamingos             Edzna    

Mexico Road Logs & Driving Guides

Please note: These road Logs are compatible with I pads and I phones

Mexico Road Log routes

Click the Map on any area you wish to explore or go to

The Baja - including Tijuana to Cabo, Mexicali to San Felipe

The West Coast - (All include sublogs from Lukeville & various tourist destinations)

Nogales to Puerto Vallarta

Nogales to Tapachula (on West Coast)

Nogales to Mexico City

Mexico Road Log OffersNogales to Tapachula via Mexico City & Oaxaca

The Interior -

Piedras Negras to Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Laredo to Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City

Nuevo Laredo to Oaxaca, Tapachula, San Cristobal

The Gulf / Yucatan

Matamoros to Veracruz

Matamoros to Veracruz, Merida, Cancun, Chetumal

On The Road In Mexico Road Log and

Driving Guide Routes

(Roads marked in color are completed and offered for sale below or click on map)


"For years, our clients have asked us for updated road logs of Mexico. The On The Road Logs are updated, simple to read, easy to use, and offer the perfect solution that our clients have been asking for. As we
insure over 100,000 vehicles crossing into Mexico each year, we believe that the On The Road logs provide our customers with additional peace of mind, and will allow them to have a more enjoyable Mexico travel
experience. They may even prevent U-turns and collisions! By using the On The Road Logs, our clients will experience less stress and have a more relaxed driving experience, which should also help MexPro with
reduced claims that in the past have resulted from customers getting lost or losing their composure" ....
Jim Labelle president of Mexpro
Insurance, the leading provider of Auto Insurance for USA and Canadian

vehicles entering Mexico


We are confident that our road logs and driving guides will make your highway experiences just that much better and easier. Regardless of whether you are driving an RV or a suburban, a bike or a pick-up, our road logs will assist your journey. Even 20 year veterans of the route have benefited from the information.

The KM markings are the markings that you will see as you drive. It doesn't matter if your vehicle reads in miles or kilometers. You just read the signs on the road to get your bearings. Sometimes one highway combines with another and old kilometer signs are left up. Not to worry, just continue to read the guide.

Some of the best navigation points are the Pemex Station numbers clearly marked on all gas station signs. Topes (Mexican speed bumps) are marked in the guide just to remind you to go slow. We included Military and Agriculture check points even though we know these can change frequently. (Generally they are on one side of the state border or another between the Mexican states.)


Mexico Auto and Rv Road Logs

Mexico Insurance Quote

Cholula Puebla, Mexico

Cholula's Great Pyramid

Click here to view more photography of Cholula


Tijuana to Cabo Road Log and Driving GuideBaja road Log

We are confident that our road logs and driving guides will make your highway experiences just that much better and easier. Regardless of whether you are driving an RV or a suburban, a bike or a pick-up, our road logs will assist your journey. Even 20 year veterans of the route have benefited from the information.

The KM markings are the markings that you will see as you drive. It doesn't matter if your vehicle reads in miles or kilometers. You just read the signs on the road to get your bearings. Sometimes one highway combines with another and old kilometer signs are left up. Not to worry, just continue to read the guide.

Some of the best navigation points are the Pemex Station numbers clearly marked on all gas station signs. Topes (Mexican speed bumps) are marked in the guide just to remind you to go slow. We included Military and Agriculture check points even though we know these can change frequently. (Generally they are on one side of the state border or another between the Mexican states.)

  Baja Road Log and Guide for $12.99  


New with travel guide information added!

Mexico Interior Road Logs

New!  Road log and driving guide from Laredo to Puerto Vallarta

 Buy Now

Pacific Coast Road Logs

From Nogales to Mexico City





 The Yucatan Road Log


The Gulf Coast of Mexico and the Yucatan

A comprehensive road log and travel guide to assist drivers in Mexico who plan on driving the East coast of Mexico and the Yucatan. Drive safely and with confidence.

 For those who want to drive safely in Mexico

How to download and buy the Road Log

Click on the buy now button and you will be directed to a merchants page.  Once you pay for the road log you will redirected to an easy to use download page where you will be able to receive your product immediately.  Now only $8.99





The Best Road Maps for Mexico



The Best Books for RVing in Mexico


Now you can report police and government corruption in Mexico on line click here

Your personal information will be protected in accordance to the Federal Law of Transparency and Access to Public Government Information and Guidelines

Got a question?

If you are unsure of how to fill the complaint form, complaint, suggestion, request or recognition, we advise you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


01800FUNCION (Citizen Contact Center)

 Complaints Against providers of tourist services


Address Verification

President Masaryk 172, 1st. Piso, Col. Chapultepec Morales,

C. P. 11587, Mexico, D. F.

Tel (55) 3002-6300 Ext. 1263

E e: quejas@sectur.gob.mx


or well, via the Internet according to the type of service:


To register a complaint against any service provider  tourist area and send for Complaints and Suggestions SECTUR, just press the appropriate area below

*      Food & Beverage

*      Travel Agencies

*      Accommodation

*      Exchange systems

*      Other


Click here to view complete list of new RV parks


Diego Rivera, Presidential Palace Mexico City

Mexico city's Presidential Palace Mural of Diego Rivera

Click here to view more of the mural

Want a peak at the Mexico's best through the photographic eyes of Bill and Dorothy Bell? 

Click here to view the Best of Mexico

Bay of Conception Baja California Mexico PhotographyBay of Conception Baja California Mexico Photography

Click here to view

The Bay of Conception provides some of the best beach camping in North America.   Take a look for your self.

California Grey Whales Scammon's  Lagoon Baja CaliforniaCalifornia Grey Whales Scammon's  Lagoon Baja California Mexico Photography Dot Bell Photographs Mexico Photography

Click Here to view...

Whales that come right up to your boat ...what a thrill!

rosario monarch refuge 1


Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration Mexico CityA statue of Pope John Paul looks down on the masses celebrating Our lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City..Bill Bell Photo

Our Lady of Guadalupe is one the biggest holiday celebrations in Mexico and no where is it celebrated more than at the Basilica in Mexico City on December 12th...click here to view a slideshow of the celebrations.

Museum of Anthropology Mexico City

A slide presentation of one of the world's best museums...a must see, but for a sneak preview click here

Regional Museum Guadalajara

The Regional Museum in Guadalajara is located kitty corner to the Cathedral and is worth a visit.  Is has displays on Pre and post conquest pottery, Mexican art and even a paleontology exhibit.  To view a slide show of the Museo de Guadalajara click here

Best of Mexico

About the Authors

The Bells  Originally from North Vancouver Canada, Dorothy and Bill have been RVing to Mexico for over 15 years in a VW Van, Suburban and Trailer and motor home. They have been to every state, walked through every major city and enjoyed the hospitality of Mexicans from every corner of the country. A little bit about the Bell's - click here

The Bell's don't spend all of their time in Mexico (not that there would be anything wrong with that!)  Here are a few of the places they visited last year in Canada and United States.


Pompeii -

Pompeii is a ruined and partially buried Roman city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the comune of Pompei.

To view these individual photographs click here

Canadian Rocky Mountains -  On the Road In

Rugged Mountain peaks and clear glacier water

Dinosaurs, Hoodoos and Badlands - On The Road in

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, and Alberta's Badlands, Canada

Seattle - On The Road In

One of our favorite cities

Washington Coast - On The Road In

Rugged Coastlines and small communities

Oregon Coast - On The Road In

Open beaches and hay stacks

Yellowstone Park - On The Road In

Wildlife and geothermal wonders

Italy - On The Road In

From ancient Roman ruins to the streets and canals of Italian Cities

Utah - On the Road In

Capitol Reef to Monuments to Canyons, Utah  is one National park after another

Grand Canyon - On The Road In

Grand vistas and awe inspiring beauty

NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF ATHENS - Ancient Egypt Collection Photography by Bill and Dot Bell
It is the most important archaeological museum in Greece and one of the richest in the world concerning ancient Greek art. Its collections are representative of all the cultures that flourished in Greece.

The construction of the museum begun in 1866 and completed in 1889 with the gradual addition of the west wing in 1874, of the north in 1881, of the south in 1885 and finally of the east wing. The building was erected in a large plot donated by Helen Tositsa, with the financial support of Demetrios and Nicolaos Vernardakis, the Archaeological Society and the Greek state.

Click here to view the Egypt collection

To view Athens click here

To view some of the ancient Greek collection click here

To view Venice Italy click here

To view Florence Italy click here

To view Vienna Austria click here

San Diego Zoo Photography
Photography by Bill Bell
The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park, San Diego, California is the largest, and most progressive zoo in the world. To view click here

Lindos Photography

Lindos (in Greek, is a town and an archaeological site on the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese in southeastern Aegean Sea. It is about 55km south of the town of Rhodes and its fine beaches make it a popular tourist and holiday destination. Lindos is situated in a large bay and faces the fishing village and small resort of Haraki.

Above the modern town rises the acropolis of Lindos, a natural citadel which was fortified successively by the Greeks, by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Knights of St John and the Ottomans. This makes the site difficult to excavate and interpret archaeologically. The acropolis offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbours and coastline. Click here to take a peak


Copyright Bell and Bell 2006 to 2012. All rights are reserved.

No part of this site, road logs or CD can be reproduced in any form without the express permission in writing of the authors.

For the problems or the questions with respect to this site contact dot@ontheroadin.com


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What's New

Safety Advice and Free Matchmaking for Mexico Road Trips
Many thousands of snowbirds make their way annually from Canada and the US to Mexico. Many RV and many more drive to warmer destinations and sunnier climates. Some of those travelers are nervous with reports about drug cartels and have opted to stay home while others just “couldn’t” winter in any other destination.
Mexico road travel experts Bill and Dot Bell have been driving extensively in Mexico for 25 years and offer plenty of advice to make your road trip safer and easier. They also offer a match-making service, Travel Buddies, for people who want to drive together for security and companionship.
“For safety’s sake we suggest drivers read up on the basics for Mexican driving. Don’t drive at night. Get out of border areas as soon as possible. Start your drive days early,” says Dot Bell. “Informed travelers are safer drivers.”
The Bells started the Travel Buddy service for Mexico road travelers five years ago and is free. It lists newbies, caravans as well as experienced drivers that enjoy showing new travelers the roads. “We are pleased that there are drivers that just want to share Mexico with others. It is an amazingly beautiful and diverse country,” says Bell. “Travel Buddies helps build skills and gives confidence to others.”
To sign up for the Free Travel Buddy service, simply send an email to dot@ontheroadin.com and answer the “Five Magic Questions.”
1. Name
2. Which border will you cross
3. When will you likely cross that border
4. What is your destination
5. How do people contact you (Facebook or email)
“We have helped hundreds of travels over the years” say Bill. “Become informed and have a wonderful vacation.”
See Travel Buddies here
Go to the Bell’s website at www.ontheroadin.com
Bill and Dorothy Bell were given the “Real Heroes of Mexico” honor. They have been writing and traveling the country for over 25 years and have visited all 31 Mexican States over a dozen times each. They are currently on a 3 month road trip in Mexico (Oaxaca right now) and can be reached on their Mexican cell at 322 – 294 – 4979 or email dot@ontheroadin.com



Ontheroadin Bell's , Bill and Dot Bell Chosen by Mexico Reports as "Real Heroes of Mexico" Click here to read more

>   An article about the Mexican fruit we love...The Papaya

>   A New Article on volcanos Popocatpetl and Iztacca­huatl Popo & Izta 

>   Check out Holidays for 2014 Click here

>   A New Article on staying in apartments instead of hotels or RV Parks Apartment Hopping

>   Take a look at a spectacular gallery in Mexico DF

National Gallery of Art Mexico

>   We have put together a section of photos on places we have stayed outside of Mexico,

Places Outside Mexico


MEXICO - On The Road In also provides a complete planning guide for road travel in Mexico including rules and do's and don'ts. Border crossings. What documents you need. Pets. Golf and other recreational activity information. Just click on Planning & Info  to assist you in planning your trip or to assist you on the road. From breakdowns and Green Angels to what foods to pack....this section has it covered.


Enjoy. Traveling by RV is one of the best ways to visit and truly explore this most intriguing country.

Be prepared for the trip of your lifetime. Saunter through this site and let your imagination run as wild as the waves on a Puerto Escondido Beach. Enjoy beaches, colonial cities, ancient pyramids and small kick back towns in the comfort of your mobile casa.



We ask that you indeed leave footprints. Comment. Write us before and after your trip. Add your name to a growing list of camp site critics. Submit some photos. Add your two pesos.

Colima singers


Thousands of Pages of Everything you need or want to know about Mexico

If you are dreaming about your next trip to Mexico then go no further. Ontheroadin.com will keep you amused for days. It has sage advice, up to date information and wonderful photos. Make this your first stop for your Mexican Adventure.

Tina Barron



Need to Know

Mexican Auto Permits Return

Documentation Entering Mexico

Mexico Highway Signs

Mexico Highway Road Signs

Chichen Itza

Ancient Sites: Pyramids, Cenotes, Chac Mools and other amazing things

Costco, Wal Mart Sams club


Sam's Club


Home Depot

Mexico Road Logs

Mexico Road Logs

Step by Step Driving Instructions

If you have a question please contact us at editor@ontheroadin.com

Fishing for Dorado in Mexico

Safety tips for travel in Mexico

Mexico Maps

Sonora Only Rules

Bell Family Chichen Itza

Planning to take Kids to Mexico

Common sense tips for a family vacation to Mexico

Bringing kids to Mexico is a fantastic opportunity to have some concerted family time while exploring a different culture. Children of any age are a challenge though so I will be making some recommendations based on 3 kids and nearly two decades coming to Mexico. I will also be soliciting advice and suggestions from other parents who have made the journey with their kids. Read more here

Pacific Coast Mexico Road Logs

Pacific Coast Road Log


The Santa Rosalia Ferry on the dock at Santa Rosalia


Santa Rosalia/ Guaymas Ferry

From the Baja to the Mainland

Mexico Caravans


Build Your Own Caravan

Golf Locations


It can come at the strangest of times when you least expect it....Blame it on the Gypsies



Photographs in Mexico

Explore Mexico Through the Lens



Mexico Acccidents and Peacocks


A story about Peacocks! Topes! and Low Overhangs!


Mexico Ancient Sites

Visit Mexico's Pyramids and Ancient Sites


Mexico auto Insurance


Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish Online

Get the most of out of your experience in Mexico - by learning some Spanish...

Being able to converse in Spanish will give you better access to the culture and make your visit or lifestyle in Mexico much more enjoyable and rewarding.

If you are traveling on business, being able to speak at least a little Spanish will go a long way to helping your negotiations.

Visual Link Spanish offers a unique learning experience that enables you to start speaking Spanish right away.

Spanish Lessons Online - Free

Most language courses teach a lot of grammar rules and verb conjugations, but when you're done you can't actually speak Spanish.

The Visual Link Spanish system is effective in building your conversation skills, because it teaches you to build sentences, ask and answer useful, everyday, questions and truly communicate in Spanish.

These online Spanish lessons will enable you to start speaking and understanding basic Spanish now, and they'll also provide a solid foundation for you to progress onto higher levels later on.

The course is excellent, and because of the way it's presented and structured, you'll begin to speak and understand basic Spanish right away.

Start your free interactive Visual Link Spanish lessons online now

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Day of the Dead Mexico

Day of the Dead Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico


A collection of recent photographs of Mazatlan

Click here

Bill Bell on Cholula Pyramid


All photography unless otherwise noted is by Bill Bell and is copyrighted.  Click here for more photography information. If you wish to use any photograph please contact bill@ontheroadin.com


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