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El Chiflón Waterfalls, Chiapas

El Chiflón

"The Whistle"

Named after the whistling sounds of the water spray from the lower falls

Tzimol Municipality Chiapas

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Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Tel: (963) 596 97 09 or (963) 126 81 65



An eco tourism gem in the jungle, El Chiflón Waterfalls is a series of cascades formed by the San Vicente River and a wonderful example of how community ingenuity, love of nature and desire to build for future generations has worked. The waterfall in the jungle provides employment opportunities while giving visitor and guests an authentic nature experience at a very reasonable price.

In 1996, residents of Ejido San Cristobalito (a community cooperative) petitioned and were granted rights to the waterfall and have since designed and developed a fun experience for both tourist and locals.

From Comitán the road exits just to the south of the city with well –marked signs. The 38 km road is 2 lane no shoulder, but well paved with only a few potholes. There are very few topes too which makes the drive only half an hour or so.

After paying the entrance fee, you drive past the tour bus parking right to the reception area of the park. Here you can explore the Museum, make accommodation reservations, go to a restaurant. Washrooms and snack/beverage areas are available here and at other stops along the hiking path.

The hiking path is well defined approximately 1.5 meters in width. The path is also an interpretive center with plaques giving information about various trees, plants, orchids and flowers along the park’s trail. Stairs lead you upward with hand rails on one side. As you climb upward there are various places to view, take pictures and get a good look at the different waterfalls. Visitors rest along the way on rocks as the steep incline is not for the timid and gives a great workout for the 2.5 km hike upward to the clouds. Some wade in the shallow pools of clear blue waters.

Near the top visitors can elect to try the zip line (150 pesos in 2012) and fly with the Gods over the gorge and then zip back. Here you can get close up to the falls called Velo de Novia or Bridal Veil which falls straight down a dramatic 150 meters.

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We were very impressed with the eco-Tourist Development and strongly recommend the experience. The facilities are spotless, inviting and inexpensive. (Entrance fee was 30 pesos in 2012 and includes parking, museum, washrooms, bathing pools, access to picnic areas.) While tours devote only an hour or two to the Chiflón, it would be difficult to complete the hike in that period of time as well as enjoy all the other features this place offers. Better to take your bathing suit end enjoy the natural pools. Stop in and eat in one of the restaurants or bring a lunch to enjoy at the many picnic tables along the trail. Next time we plan to stay the night at one of the many cabins.

Getting There:

Drive Mexico 190 South of Comitán to the Walmart intersection. Turn to the West signed for El Chiflón. Drive 38 KMs and turn as signed to the Park. Parking for cars is beyond the admission gate and the bus parking.

There are bus tours available from Tuxtla Guerrero, San Christobal and Comitán.


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