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Agua Azul Park

Agua Azul


Type of Hookup: No Hookups  

Total Sites: Approximately 50

Easy access and lots of room to turn etc


Electricity/ Amps: No electricity

Open all year

River with pool and falls.

Lots of Restaurants.

Tenting Allowed

Public phone

Pets allowedAgua Azul


Misc Comments:

Camp in a Park with Endless Waterfalls

No services but washrooms are available although somewhat rundown and dirty.


Some have had trouble with theft here. We had no problems although we have never stayed the night.


The carnival-like atmosphere - complete with a dozen or so tour busloads of people - make Agua Azul an interesting place to experience the great outdoors.


Be careful of the water with your kids. The falls look safer than they are and currents can be deceiving.


We have read accounts of drowning here.




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What You Should Consider for Your Visit

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Vehicle Insurance

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Getting there

Directions: On the Ocosingo Highway 199 some 60 kms from Palenque towards San Cristobal de las Casas. Well marked road entrance on Highway. Go 7 kms on a good but winding road through lush river valley. Payment stall at the end.


GPS -     N 17*14.175   W 92*05.696




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