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Ejido Emiliano Zapta Camping


Free Beach that costs money....in Melaque



















Misc Comments:

This is an (almost)  free beach RV spot. The services just aren't here - which is fine for some folks.....

There is room for lots of rigs...maybe 40...but again there are no services and black water is merely hosed into the sand....not the most sanitary solution,,,

The rates are reasonable;


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Pacific Coast to Tapachula

Now only $14.99



Getting there


There are many ways to get to this campground. Look at the detail map below.

One way is to go to the Highway 200 & Highway 80 junction and veer or turn South towards the water. The road swings and eventually turns into a Boulevard road called Primavera.

Continue west on Primavera : drive 6-7 blocks and turn right. Drive 2 blocks, over the bridge and turn left. Make the next left and drive to the gates.


GPS -     N 19*13.399   W 104*42.378


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