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El Dorado RV Park

On a Pacific Ocean Beach

Rincon De Guayabitos, Nayarit, Mexico

Retorno Tabachines

Phone: (011-52-) 327-274-0152 

Fax: (011-52-) 327-274-0747


El Dorado RV Park


Type of Hook-up:  6 Full Hook Ups   

Total Sites: 6

Electricity/ Amps: 15

Rates: $16

Open between Oct 15- Apr 15

No Pool

Boat Ramp


El Dorado RV Park



Misc Comments: Another nice campsite in Rincon. Space can be tight here so we strongly suggest, as we do with all of this areas sites, you take a walk before you commit. We have heard this approach saves marriages.

This place has a view platform that we used to drink our morning coffees as we watched the fishers roll in their nets.El Dorado RV Park



El Dorado RV Park




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Getting there

Directions: Highway 200 to KM 95. Take the Rincon de Guayabitos turn off. (We suggest you park on the main street past the stalls. Then, by foot, head towards the beach and determine which campsite you want and which is available. There are so many numerous one ways and dead ends that this strategy pays off in terms of broken nerves and frustrated turn-arounds.)

To reach the El Dorado turn towards the water (right) on the sixth street intersecting the main street. It is called Tabachines but as most of the streets are NOT marked, I find it somewhat futile giving names of streets. Drive one block down and make a left. Entrance on ocean side.


GPS - N 21*01.372    W 105*16.308

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