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Nogales to Los Mochis Road Log and Driving Guide

We are confident that our road logs and driving guides will make your highway experiences just that much better and easier. Regardless of whether you are driving an RV or a suburban, a bike or a pick-up, our road logs will assist your journey. Even 20 year veterans of the route have benefited from the information.

We decided to present the road from a driving perspective going SOUTH. When your are looking at the Log, you read from the bottom of the page and read up. The Pacific Ocean, for example, would always be on your right, just as you would view it from your driver's seat.

The KM markings are the markings that you will see as you drive. It doesn't matter if your vehicle reads in miles or kilometers. You just read the signs on the road to get your bearings. Sometimes one highway combines with another and old kilometer signs are left up. Not to worry, just continue to read the guide.

Some of the best navigation points are the Pemex Station numbers clearly marked on all gas station signs. Topes (Mexican speed bumps) are marked in the guide just to remind you to go slow. We included Military and Agriculture check points even though we know these can change frequently. (Generally they are on one side of the state border or another between the Mexican states.)

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For those of you who are technically challenged or if you have any technical difficulties please write us at and tell us what the problem is.  We will get back to you within 24 hours, but if we are on the road updating our Road Logs, it may take a couple of days so please be patient.
Don't forget to write us when you return from Mexico and tell us about your trip.
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Safety tips for travel in Mexico

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It can come at the strangest of times when you least expect it....Blame it on the Gypsies


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Mexico Road Logs & Driving Guides - Click Here



Mexico Photo's
Colonial Cities and Towns
Archeological Sites



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