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by Bill and Dorothy Bell




Alamos is a silver colonial city located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental in Sonora and a worthwhile visit for tourists on their discovery of Mexico’s history and culture.

Alamos churchYou can make a good stop-over off Highway 15 as you travel the coastal highway from Tucson on your journey towards Los Mochis and points south. It is a good opportunity to visit one of the best examples of a colonial city and gives you an opportunity to visit more than just beach destinations.

Walk the narrow cobblestone streets. Explore the cathedral and market place. Soak in the significance of the history and charm of old Mexico. Flowering balconies and secret inner courtyards are everywhere and become a photographers delight.

ÁAlamos streetlamos was a very important mining center. Significant lodes of silver were discovered in 1683 and the city grew and prospered with the new found wealth. It became the wealthiest city in the area and a hub of social, financial and cultural activities of the region.

Alamos squareThe 17th century was boom times and architects designed and built fabulous mansions and haciendas as the towns population grew quickly to over 30,000. Times were good but relatively short lived.

The mint closed in 1896 following the Mexico’s independence from Spain. The city’s population started a hasty declined as many inhabitants fled to other areas. The Mexican Revolution also contributed to the city’s demise as it was attacked and conquered in the late twenties. Álamos became a ghost town.

In the late 1940’s American William Alcorn purchased a dilapidated mansion, restored it to it’s former glory and opened a hotel. The attention brought further investment to the area and other haciendas and tourist services were restored and developed.

Today tourists can visit the local museum off the square and enjoy the local cuisine of the region at nearby cafes and restaurants. Tours of the grand mansions and haciendas are given daily and it is easy to find a certified guide just off the square.

Accommodations are plentiful. RV Camping is good to with four RV Parks offering a variety of settings and experiences.

almos puppets



Alamos Hotels



Navajoa Trailer Park



Real de los Àlamos


Polo Acosta RV Park



El Mirador

alamos map 2Directions:

Drive Highway 15 South of the Border past Hermosillo, Guaymas and Ciudad Obregon to Navojoa. Highway 15 goes through the middle of the city. At PEMEX 2134 make a turn east to Almos ( Highway Son 13) . It is a well signed intersection.

Drive approximately 53 KMs to the city. Be advised the streets are extremely narrow.




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