Bahia Concepcion

Bahia Concepcion, Baja California Sur

Bahia Concepcion Map1Bahia Conception is a bay on the eastern side of the Baja. The location provides a double protection from the huge Pacific waves so the clear blue waters are often calm, warm and lake-like.
Driving down the Baja, your eyes are accustomed to the never ending plains of cacti. When you reach the Sea of Cortez, particularly the Bay of Conception, your vision is treated to corner after corner of beautiful landscapes where the desert meets the sea. The Bay is anchored to the .



RV Parks


Villa Maria Isabel

Hotel Serendad

Hotel Cuesta Real

Bahia Concepción

El Coyote Beach Camping

Playa Armenta

El Requesón

Los Naranjos Beach Camping

Playa Ensenada el Burro

Playa Escondida

Playa La Perla

Playa Los Cocos

Playa Santispac

Posada Concepción


Punta ArenaBahia Concepcion Map



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