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Ensenada Baja California Mexico Area

An interactive road map of Baja California Mexico with camping, RV, golf and other points of interest

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San Felipe to Ensenada Baja California Highway 5 Photography by Bill Bell

San Felipe to Ensenada Baja California Highway 5 Photography

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Ensenada Baja Mexico Photography by Bill Bell

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a walk along the malecon in Ensenada provides many oints of interest.  Bill Bell Photograph

Information about Ensenada, Mexico

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Faces of Mexico – Ensenada

by Bill & Dorothy Bell  

 Ensenada is located 70 miles south of the international border, a 90-minute drive from San Diego. Its warm Mediterranean climate, friendly atmosphere and accessibility by land, air, and sea have made Ensenada a favorite tourist destination for many years, and Mexico's second most-visited port-of-call for major cruise lines and pleasure boats.
Ensenada's romantic past, dynamic present, and promising future provides wide appeal for travelers to Mexico. With a variety of accommodations ranging from modern hotels with Old World charm to full-service resorts with convention centers to RV parks with complete amenities, Ensenada easily suits every taste or budget.

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Hussong's Cantina is a must visit.  Bill Bell PhotographEnsenada is the home of Hussong’s Cantina, reportedly the birthplace of the Margarita.


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