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Santa Rosalia to Loreto Baja California Mexico

An interactive road map of Baja California Mexico with camping, RV, golf and other points of interest

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View Santa Rosalia, Mulege, Bay of Conception and Loreto Baja California Mexico RV and Camping Locations in a larger map

Tijuana to Cabo Road LogBaja road Log and Driving Guide

We are confident that our road logs and driving guides will make your highway experiences just that much better and easier. Regardless of whether you are driving an RV or a suburban, a bike or a pick-up, our road logs will assist your journey. Even 20 year veterans of the route have benefited from the information.

The KM markings are the markings that you will see as you drive. It doesn't matter if your vehicle reads in miles or kilometers. You just read the signs on the road to get your bearings. Sometimes one highway combines with another and old kilometer signs are left up. Not to worry, just continue to read the guide.

Some of the best navigation points are the Pemex Station numbers clearly marked on all gas station signs. Topes (Mexican speed bumps) are marked in the guide just to remind you to go slow. We included Military and Agriculture check points even though we know these can change frequently. (Generally they are on one side of the state border or another between the Mexican states.)


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Bay of Conception Baja California Mexico PhotographyBay of Conception Baja California Mexico Photography

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El Requeson Camping Site El Requeson Camping Site Photography Bay of Conception Baja Mexico Bill Bell PhotographyPhotography, Bay of Conception, Baja Mexico

Loreto to CD Constitucion Baja Sur, Mexico Highway One Photography Curves ahead Loreto to CD Constitucion Baja Sur, Mexico Highway One Photography

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Mulege, Cuesta Real and Villa Maria RV Parks Photography by Bill BellMulege, Cuesta Real and Villa Maria RV Parks Photography by Bill Bell

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Cacti Loreto to Bay of Conception Baja Sur, Mexico Highway One Photography by Bill Bell

Loreto to Bay of Conception Baja Sur, Mexico Highway One Face of Mexico

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Bahía Concepción

By Bill and Dorothy Bell

About half way down the long drive down the Baja on the Sea of Cortez, lays Bahía Concepción just south of the tiny oasis town of Mulegé.  

This 23 mile long Bay is one of the most picturesque spots on the peninsula, with striking turquoise waters against the dry barren desert and cactus laid hills.

The waters are generally calm here.

Camping at Playa Santispac

The mighty pacific waves are tamed somewhat by the mass of the peninsula and then again by the arm of the bay almost hugging and protecting the inner waters. Winds and waves tend to pick up later in the afternoon, cooling off the dry and sometimes blistering hot beach.

 Life on the Bay is laid back and easy. It is RV heaven with over a dozen RV camping places along the shores. There are full hook-up spots in Mulegé and generally no-frills camping along the beaches.

Calm waters on the bay make it perfect for snorkeling or diving for scallops

 Playa Santispac is one of the more popular beach spots. It has no electricity or water but there is a dump site. The current daily rate is $7 a night and is collected by the ejido daily. Water is sold from tanker trucks and other supplies are consistently sold off the back of pick-up trucks. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Milk and fish. Two restaurants – Anna’s and Ray’s Place service the hundreds of rigs that make this beach home for months at a time.

 One of our favorite spots is El Requesón. A small spit connects the mainland to a tiny island at high tide, and at low tide you must wade out to just over your ankles. The clams and scallops are plentiful here and often you can swim for your dinner right outside your rig’s door. If you aren’t so lucky, there is a fisher co-op just a 5 minute walk down the beach.



 El Requesón beach where the spit connects to the island


When supplies and electricity are starting to get low, you can refresh your energy a night or two in Mulegé – just up the road. 





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