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Villa Marine RV Park and Beach Resort

On a Sea of Cortez Beach

San Felipe, Baja California

Full Hookups


Good place with full hookups. Quieter than in town RV Parks. Has a large recreation pavilion. Some small shade shelters.

Internet via HughesNet Directwav

Email -
USA 951 808 3515 (Will answer in Baja)
Mexico Cell 686 199 4584
FAX 1 909 697 3333
Skype ID = rick.meyer13
Weather Station:
WebCam 24/7
















Directions: Highway 5 to traffic Circle. Turn South (Right) on road to airport and keep driving. Drive 14 kms.


GPS -     N 30*56.246  

                W 114*44.293


Villa Marine RV Park and Beach Resort

Villa Marine RV Park and Beach Resort








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31 lb dorado Caught by Captain Frank Percival, Dorothy and Bill Bell







Fishing for Dorado in Mexico


The Santa Rosalia Ferry on the dock at Santa Rosalia








Santa Rosalia/ Guaymas Ferry

From the Baja to the Mainland


Los Galleria

An amazing collection of Bill Bell's Mexican Photos


La Pesca

A small fishing community on the Gulf Coast





A story about Peacocks! Topes! and Low Overhangs!



It can come at the strangest of times when you least expect it....Blame it on the Gypsies


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Mexico Road Logs & Driving Guides - Click Here



Mexico Photo's
Colonial Cities and Towns
Archeological Sites



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