Barbeque Dorado with Huichol Sauce

CaroleThackerBarbeque Dorado with Huichol Sauce

This recipe is easy to prepare and the Huichol sauce is available throughout Mexico. 

This recipe is a favorite with our family. Carole Thacker of the La Penita RV Park showed us this recipe. Enjoy!

CaroleGrantThacker1/2 cup mayonnaise

Several drops Huichol sauce


Mix mayonnaise, and several drops of Huichol sauce (the Mexican hot sauce) together. Mix it until it is a light orange color. The darker it is the hotter (picante) it is. Do it to your taste. Squeeze in some lime while you are mixing. Spread it generously on your Dorado filet and let it sit while you prepare the barbeque. It is best done over mesquite wood or put some water soaked wood on a gas barbeque to get a smoky flavor. You can buy mesquite chunks where you buy barbeque supplies.

 You can cut the filet into cubes and put on skewers or cook whole. If you use skewers you can add peppers and onion and pineapple. Cook it fairly slowly over the smoking wood. Cook until just done through, depending on thickness it could be 5 to 10 minutes. Turn as needed.

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