Benjamin Hill Revolutionary War Hero

Benjamin HillBenjamin G. Hill – Revolutionary War Hero 

31 March 1874 – 14 December 1920

was named after a revolutionary war hero and not as many believe, a bump in the desert landscape.

Born in March 1877 in Choix Sinaloa, North East of El Fuerte and educated in Chihuahua and then sent by his father to continue his studies in Germany and Italy. He returned to Mexico and became involved in agriculture and politics. He was elected to Navojoa city Council in 1908.

Hill joined the revolution in 1910 siding with Madero. He was then thrown in the Hermosillo prison until April 1911. When released he raised a volunteer army in Navojoa. He fought various campaigns including those against Pancho Villa. He became the Governor of Sonora in 1914 and later was appointed Divisional General.

When Obregon took the Presidency of the Country, he appointed Hill Secretary of War and the Navy. He died a few days later at a luncheon in Mexico City. It was rumored that Obregon was grooming him as a successor and that Hill’s main rival, Plutarco Calles, poisoned him.

The town of Benjamin Hill was named in his honor.



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