Benjamin Hill, Sonora

Benjamin Hill mapBenjamin Hill, Sonora

Location 148 kms South of Nogales on Highway 15

Population 5,285 people

Climate: DRY and Hot. Benjamin Hill lies in the Sonoran Desert. Summer maximums of 31.6°C Winter minimums of 13.8°C. The average annual temperature is 22.5°C.



Prior to 1939, the area was called San Fernando Ranch when the Federal Government chose it as a junction for two rail lines; The Sonora Baja California and South Pacific Railways. It was incorporated as a municipality in 1952.

Benjamin Hill

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Benjamin Hill 1Tourist Attractions

Benjamin Hill is a small pueblo easily missed when driving Highway 15. There are limited attractions or services for the tourist.

The colonial church was built in 1949 and the town plaza and kiosk in 1953 – both with Colonial styled architecture.



Benjamin Hill trainIndustry

Benjamin Hill remains a small town with limited agricultural activity and animal husbandry with calf exportation to the US. There is a small industrial park.

There are preserved train cars in the town.

Getting There

From Nogales drive 148 kms south to KM 122

Benjamin Hill map2







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