Birth of Francisco I. Madero (1873)

Birth of Francisco I. Madero (1873)

Madero  October 30

Francisco Ignacio Madero González

Born October 1873 into a wealthy family in northern Mexico, Madero was a well educated in Mexico, France and in the US, When he returned to Mexico and his family hacienda he became known for his modern agriculture and business acumen as well as his respect for the working peon. He built schools, hospitals, clinics etc.

In 1905 Madero demonstrated opposed to the current president and dictator Porfirio Díaz and organized political clubs and built a newspaper to try and defeat him, He later organized an anti-reelection movement – where supporters voiced opposition to ongoing reelection of candidate – especially presidential.

He vigorously fought against reelection and for democracy and liberty in Mexico through his political newspaper articles. The Anti Reelectionist party designated him to run for President in the elections of 1910.

Díaz was now under constant pressure, and on June 6th he ordered the imprisonment of Madero, augmenting that he was “inciting rebellion and offending the authorities”. Francisco I. Madero was taken to a prison in San Luis Potosí, where he awaited the results of the elections. There he learned that through an electoral fraud Díaz declared himself President of Mexico one more time!

Madero2Then and there Madero, who had always been a pacifist, decided to flee from prison and call for a National Insurrection on November 20 1910. He declared the electoral process invalid and appointed provisional Governors. Immediately, uprising broke out in several Mexican states. The first were Puebla, Coahuila, Chihuahua and Sonora. Ciudad Juárez , Chihuahua, was taken by the instructors: Pascual Orozco and Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

When the city surrendered Madero set up his provisional government there. Díaz was then forced to resign and had to abandon the country. Some of the most important Revolutionaries were Pascual Orozco, Francisco Villa in the northern states, and Emiliano Zapata in the south. New elections took place in 1911, and Madero was elected President of Mexico.

Unfortunately, peace was not to come to this country for a while. Several Revolutionary leaders couldn’t settle their differences. Madero wanted to work steadily and patiently towards bettering the economic and social situation. But many revolutionary commanders wanted immediate change, which was impossible to accomplish. Pascual Orozco, for example, led and lost a revolt against Madero. Three Porfirist generals also attacked President Madero, who in turn, appointed Victoriano Huerta to repress the offensive. A fatal decision….

In time history would prove that Victoriano Huerta was the utmost traitor of the Revolution. Francisco I. Madero was captured and assassinated by Huerta’s accomplices..Revolutionvictors




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