Brownsville, Texas – Matamoros, Tamaulipas Border Crossings

Brownsville, Texas – Matamoros, Tamaulipas Border Crossings

There are 3 Border Crossings between Brownsville Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas Mexico: B & M, Gateway and Veteran’s Memorial Bridge. The latter is newer and parking is plentiful. It is much easier for RV’s to negotiate parking to pick up paperwork and documents.

Veterans International Bridge

Hours of Operation: 6 am to midnight.

Phone: (956) 983-5620

Banjercito is open 7am – 11pm Monday to Saturday


The newest border crossing in the area. It has lots of parking.


Bicycles and pedestrians – US$0.75 ($12 MXN).

Cars, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles – US$3 ($48 MXN).

Trucks begins at US$7.75 ($124 MXN) for those with two-axles.


To Mexico

Driving South on Highway 69E and drive to customs.

vertrans memorial

Useful Information for this border crossing:

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What You Can Bring Into Mexico  
Documents Required to Enter Mexico  
Vehicle Insurance  
Interior Cities Towns and Pueblos  
Mexico Interior Distance Charts  
Customs Allowances into the US  

Mexico Road Logs – Gulf Coast to the Yucatan

Matamoros to Cancun & Around the Yucatan

Price: $8.99


Gulf Coast to Yucatan Road Log



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