Build your Own Caravan to Mexico

Build Your Own Caravan To Travel in Mexico

Many people have written us and want to know if there is a place where they can gather people together for a “Do It Yourself Caravan.” We used to provide space here but information became outdated quickly and individual plans changed.

Often people want to have company as they drive through this amazing country. Some, especially first timers, appreciate a knowledgeable guide that has made the trip and knows the route. Others just want the company and the opportunity to share the travel.

We think the best way to build a caravan yourself is to join the Facebook Page Travel Buddies On The Road In Mexico. This page which allows you to make your own post. Facebook Travel Buddies Go Here

This FB board is here to facilitate that travel. Please post an entry answering the following 6 questions:

1) Name and a contact email

2) Border you intend to cross

3) Date you intend to cross
4) What is your destination
5) Departure City
6) Any comments.

Also make sure you get the valuable information on the Facebook Page called On the Road in Mexico (Go Here) You will get lots of useful information! Master Mexico Travelers mingle and give tips to newbies…Others post road conditions to help others that follow.  

LapenitaexpressLa Peñita Express Caravan

“Almost Free Caravan to Mexico”

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