Cancun, Quintana Roo

Cancun Map 2Cancun, Quintana Roo

“This is the resort City that everyone else has tried to copy.  Beautiful white sand, blue Caribbean waters, luxurious hotels and complexes. You could just stay at your hotel and never even know you were in Mexico.

There are nightclubs, bars and restaurants everywhere. This place is happening and so are the prices. But hey, this is THE resort city of the country.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Cancun , Mayan “nest of snakes” or “place of the gold snake”

Location: Located on the Northern Caribbean side of the Yucatan.

Weather: Extremely Hot in the summer. Mild winters.


January Average Highs 28C (82F) Lows 21C (70F)

July Average Highs 33 (91F) Lows 25 (77F)

Population: 723,000

Elevation:  Sea Level to 10 m (30 ft)

Founded: April 20, 1970

Medical: Hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists

Money: Banks and ATMs



Getting there:

Drive from: Merida Highway 180 West to 180D. Follow signs to Cancun. 307 kilometers – 3.5 hours. Toll highway.



Cancun Hotels


Mecoloco RV and Trailer Park

Puerto Morelos

Acamaya Reef

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