catavinamap2Catavina, Baja California

Cativina is a small town in the middle of the Baja, approximately 470 kilometers (292 miles) south of Tijuana. The population hovers around 150 people.

This is harsh desert country with ranching and tourism being the main occupational categories. Rancho San Innes is an ejido – a Mexican cooperative land area – that offers camping, rooms and a restaurant. There are springs nearby and you can see a trail of water at times by the foot of some palms.

A hotel was built by the government to promote tourism and is now run independently. There are solar gas pumps that are more frequently off than on. Another RV Park is right beside the hotel. Men sell gas out of drums at the side of the road.

You can visit cave paintings nearby with the aid of a guide. The Cativina rock ensemble plays free 24/7 nearby.



RV Parks

El Rosario

Motel Sinahi Motel RV Park

Catavina Desert

San Agustin

Parque Natural Desierto

Rancho San Ines RV

Punta Prieta RV ParkCatinina map1



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