CD Constitution, Baja California Sur

CD Constitution, Baja California Surcd-constucion2

The city of Constitución is situated in Baja California Sur on a desert plain between Loreto and La Paz. It is known for farming and is the breadbasket of the state.

Location CD Constitution is located on Highway 1 in the State of Baja California Sur between Loreto to the North East and La Paz to the south.

Population 41,000



In 1940 the Valley of Santo Domingo was being colonized and El Crucero – a ranch named appropriately “the crossroad” began. The population grew and because of its location, it became a commercial travel stop. It was then known as Villa Constitución.

Deep water wells provide the needed irrigation for the field crops.

In 1996 an institute of technology was located here.

Tourist Attractions

Not known for tourist attractions, rather it is a supply town and provides tourists with supplies and accommodations.


Agriculture is the main industry: wheat, citrus, chickpea, asparagus, cotton, vegetables, among others crops. Dairy is also important with a processing plant making pasteurized milk, yogurt, fruit beverages.

Getting There

Highway 1 drive 147 Kilometers south of Loreto or 210 kilometers North of La Paz.


RV Parks

Ciudad Constitución

Misiones RV Park

La Pila Balneario RV Park

Mike and Bertha’s Palapa 206




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