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Less than 10 kilometers west of landlocked Las Varas lies the tiny village of Chacala which is nestled on a volcanic Pacific Ocean beach. Whereas Las Varas has a population of approximately 14,000, little Chacala has less than 500 full time residents- but oh what a view!

The small deep water inlet is skirted by sand that is flecked with mineral particles and interesting basaltic rocks dot the shoreline, especially towards the south end of the beach. A profusion of thatched hut restaurants, providing cold beverages and Mexican meals, ring the main beach area. Gazing at the beautiful hillside homes adds a nice alternative to people watching on the beach.

The few shops in Chacala sell mostly souvenir type items. There are also several interesting restaurants with unique menus in addition to the palapa foods.  Many of the Jaltemba Bay water tours cruise to Chacala for a meal but it’s also easy to get to by land.  The turnoff from highway 200 has a large sign immediately before the exit road, which is directly across from a cluster of roadside fruit and Mexican candies shop.

Visiting the towns up the road from the Jaltemba Bay offers a different pace and a different view of the traditional Mexican lifestyle.chacala3

Chacala beach restaurants                     chacala4


South end Chacala beach


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