Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Chihuaha map 1Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Chihuahua coa“We have experienced really hot summer weather in Chihuahua and once when we visited in the winter the temperature dropped far below zero! Ay Chihuahua were we freezing.”

Chihuahua Capitalby Dorothy Bell

Name: Chihuahua means “between two waters” in the Nahuatl language, It ca also mean “place of the holed-rock” “In the Tarahumera language it means “dry and sandy place.”

Location: Located at the Junction of Hghway 16 and 45 in North central Mexico.

Weather: Chihuahua has a semi Arid climate as it sits on the Chihuahua desert. Mild winters with little precipitation. Summers are hot, humid and rainy.

January Average Highs 16.6C (61.9F) Lows 1.9C (35.4)

July Average Highs 31.2C (88.2F) Lows 19.3 (66.7)

Population: 926,000

Elevation: 1,415 m (4,636 ft) above Sea Level

Founded: October 12, 1709, by Blas Cano de los Rios and Antonio Deza y Ulloa, a Spanish explorer, as El Real de Minas de San Francisco de Cuéllar

Medical: Major medical facilities

Money: Major Banks



Getting there:

Drive from.CD Juarez south on Highway 45.

Drive from West from Hermosillo on Highway 16



Chihuahua Hotels

Nuevo Casa Grandes

Los Arcos Hotel

Los Metates


Chihuahua Sport Stadium Campingchihauhaustadium

Del Fresno RV and Camping Park


Lowen’s RV Park


Hotel Villa Mexicana

CD Camargo

Motel Trailer Park Villa Charro


 Chihuahua map2

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