Chilpancingo, Guerrero

Chilpangcingo Map 1Chilpancingo, Guerrero

Chilpancingo coaChilpancingo is a city that is important historically but somehow manages to keep off travelers radar. Most folks just keep on driving past towards Acapulco.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Means for “Place of Wasps”

Location: Located in the State of Guerrero in South Western Mexico. It is in the Sierra Madre del Sur, on the bank of the Huacapa River.

Weather: Classified as “Local steppe” climate

January Average Highs 19.3 C (66.7F) Lows 6.4C (43.5F)

July Average Highs 28.6C (77.9F) Lows 16.1 (56.7F)

Population: 188,000 City, 215,000 Municipality

Elevation: 1,253 m (4,111 ft)

Founded: November 1, 1591

Medical: Hospitals, doctors, dentists

Money: Major Banks



Getting there:

Drive Mex Highway 95 North from Acapulco or South from Cuernevaca.



No RV Parks nearby

Chilpangcingo Map 2

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