CD Obregón, Sonora

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

cuidad Obregon street

 cd obregon map1 cd obregoncoa(Named after Revolutionary, War Hero, General and president – Álvaro Obregón)

Ciudad Oberegon

Name Previously named Cajeme after a local Yaqui Chief. Changed in 1928 to honor the local hero to  Ciudad Obregon.

Location – In the middle of the Yaqui Valley in the State of Sonora.

Weather – Located on the Sonoran desert, Ciudad Obregon has a hot arid climate. Extremely Hot in the summer. Cool winters.


January Average Highs 24C (75F) Lows 7C (45F)

July Average Highs 42C (108F) Lows 15C (39F)

cd obregon map

Statue of Álvaro Obregón

Population – 376,000

Elevation – 40 m (130 ft)

Founded – November 29 1927

Medical – Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Denists

Money – Numerous Banks and ATMS

Airport Ciudad Obregón International Airport with one terminal and three gates and commercial aircraft parking


Ciudad Obregon yakiThe Yaqui and other Indians lived in the rich Yaqui Valley for centuries before the arrival of the Spanish. The Spanish invaders were continually attacked by the Yaquis who won several battles. In 1610 the Yaquis asked for peace from the defeated forces and submitted to the Spanish Crown. Missionaries soon followed in 1614 Jesuit Missionary Martin Burgeci founded 8 Yaqui villages.

However the conflicts continued into the next 2 centuries. In 1887 the Porfirio Diaz army shoots Cajeme; the Yaqui Chief, to death.

The 1900’s saw commercial and agricultural progress as new technology and techniques were introduced to the valley. A train line is built and a concessions for farm land are given to convert the area into agricultural lands. An experimental farm is developed to determine the best crops for the area.

New methods are farming methods are developed by foreign interests. The first internal combustion tractor and the first thresher combine harvester were brought to the area in 1918. A chickpea crawler is purchased by Alvaro Obregon to develop “Hacienda Nainari” and later a cotton gin is introduced to the area. November 29 1927, the County of Cajeme – Ciudad Obregon – is founded.  In July 17th President Obregon was asassinitaed and eleven days later the town changed its name to Ciudad Obregon.


Things to See and Do

Plaza Zaragoza

The Laguna Del Nainari which is an interesting tourist spot created by man, this artificial lake has a diameter of about 2 kms. Is considered the green spot of the city, a meeting place for athletes where you can be treated to sample the gastronomic snacks found all around.

Ostimuri Children’s Park and Zoo, Ostimuri is the best place to stroll with the family, you will find a wide variety of rides for children, and it has a wide variety of animals.

The Planetarium, located inside the Park Ostimuri, receives thousands of visitors interested in watching the stars, is a space dedicated to the research of the stars.



Ciudad Obregon hotels
No RV Parks


Ciudad Obregon is situated on the major highway down the Northern Mexican Pacific Coast. Drive south from the border, and south of Hermosillo and Guaymas. It is located at KM1 going South or KM 222 going North.


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