Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

Coatzacoalcos map 1Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz

coatzacoalcos COA“Normally tourists are not attracted to Coatzacoalcos. It is an industrial town that specializes in the Petrochemical industry. An Oil Boomtown.

CoatzPemexPemex headquarters are here and 85% of the country’s oil production takes place here. Important to the economy YES. Tourist destination not so much.”

By Dorothy Bell

coatzacoalcos 1 Name: Coatzacoalcos in Nahuatl means “The place where the snake hides.”This can be attributed to the legend where  the bird God Quetzalcoatl left for his final voyage with the promise to return.

coatzacoalcos 12Location: Coatzacoalcos is located in the State of Veracruz on the Southern most point of the Gulf of Mexico

Weather: Hot and humid in the summer. Hot in the winters. The rainy season is June to November. Has been hit by many hurricanes. Hurricane season is June to November


January Average Highs 26.3C (79.3F) Lows 18.2C (64.8F)

July Average Highs 31.6C (90.9) Lows 23.1C (73.6)

Population: 306,000

Elevation:  Sea level to 50 m (160 ft)

Founded: Pre-hispanic evidence shows Olmec settlements and then later Mayan. Cortez arranged funding for a settlement and called it Villa del Espíritu Santo.

Medical: 3rd largest city in the state so has numerous hospitals, doctors and clinics.

Money: Plenty of Banks and ATMs.



Getting there: Drive South from Veracruz on Highway 145D to Minitlan and turn as directed to highway 185 to Coatzacoalcos



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