Columbus, New Mexico – Palomas, Chihuahua Border Crossing

Columbus border map 1Columbus, New Mexico – Palomas, Chihuahua Border Crossing

Phone: (505) 531-2686

Open: 24 hours

Banjercito is open 8am to 12 pm 7 days a week


No problema for even a very large rig. Not very busy

Columbus Map 2Directions:

To Mexico

From Denning on Highway 10, drive South on Highway 11 to the border.


Drive North on Highway 2 turning North at Los Trios. Well signed for border. Drive approximately 35 kms straight to border



Useful Information for this border crossing:

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What You Can Bring Into Mexico  
Documents Required to Enter Mexico  
Vehicle Insurance  
Interior Cities Towns and Pueblos  
Mexico Interior Distance Charts  
Customs Allowances into the US  


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