Consummation of Independence (1821)

Consummation of Independence (1821)

ParadeIndependanceSeptember 27


Mexico’s War of Independence lasted for 11 years  marked by bloodshed, death, traitors, heroes and defeats. Too, the political climate changed: King Fernando V11 was forced to limit his power. Freedom of the press and an expansion of the concept of individual rights were embodied in the Constitution of Cadiz.

Agustín de Iturbide


Agustín de Iturbide embracing Vicente Guerrero


VicenteGuerreroThe eventual overthrow of the Spanish is called the Profesa conspiracy; Spaniards previously fighting the revolutionaries joined forces with them under Agustín de Iturbide. He issued the Plan of Iguala declaring Mexico a Catholic country independent from Spain and home to all ‘Europeans, The Army of the Three Guarantees was a union of Agustín de Iturbide and revolutionary forces under Vicente Guerrero.

Vicente Guerrero

On September 27, 1821, Iturbide led the Triumphant Army parade into Mexico City, consummating Mexico’s independence.  



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