Cordoba, Veracruz

Cordoba Map 1Cordoba, Veracruz


Go to the zocolo my friend.

Parque de 21 de Mayo is the center of Cordoba life and follows the tradional Spanish layout with the church on the East, the Muicipal Palce on the west and important commercial interests on the North and south side.
It is a lovely plaza with palm trees and wroght iron benches. In the evening it is a very lively place with traffic, pedestrians everywhere and vendors galore.

Dorothy Bell

Name: Heroica Córdoba. Named after the city of Córdoba in Spain. The Heroica title is given because of the 1821 battles repelling the Spanish from the city. The Treaty of Córdoba established Mexican independence from Spain at the conclusion of the Mexican War of Independence.

Location: Located in the State of Veracruz East and slightly south of Puebla and Mexico City.

Weather: Warm and Humid with Precipitation in summer and fall.



January Average Highs 22 Lows 18

July Average Highs 26   Lows 15

Population: 137,000, Córdoba is the fifth-largest city in the state,

Elevation: 817 meters above mean sea level.

Founded: April 27, 1618

Medical: Several hospitals, clinics and services.

Money: Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

From Veracruz drive West on Highway 150D

From Mexico City or uebla drive East on Highway 150D



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Cordoba Map 2


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