Death of Vicente Guerrero

Death of Vicente Guerrero (1831)vicente_guerrero

This day commemorates the life and death of Vicente Guerrero, revolutionary hero and president of Mexico. It is a Half Staff Flag Day

Vicente Guerrero was born in Tixtla a small town in the state of Guerrero not far from present day Acapulco. His father was a mestizo from a wealthy business family and his mother was an African slave. Vicente worked for his father and traveled to many states where he was enthralled with the notion of Mexican independence from Spain.

Guerrero joined the Revolution against Spain in 1810 and fought with Morelos. He was a successful warrior and received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. When Morelos was assassinated he continued to fight using gorilla war fare and won many victories in Southern Mexico.

After Independence Guerrero insisted on civil rights with then president Agustín de Iturbide, for Indian, Aftican and Mulatto people “with full freedom to pursue their livelihoods according to their merits and virtues.”

vicente_guerrero1He eventually rebelled against Iturbide, won and was appointed President April 1 1829 but he himself was deposed in December of that year and a few months later executed.

The state of Guerrero is named in his honor and the state’s motto “Mi patria es primero” is from a statement Guerrero made to his father.”The will of my father is for me sacred, but my Fatherland is first.”

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