Día de la Marina Nacional (Navy Day)

   Día de la Marina Nacional (Navy Day)

diaMarine1The Mexican Navy marches in Mexico City

June 1

Mexico honors it’s armed forces especially for the role they played in the War of Independence and following civil unrest. Día de la Marina Nacional, Day of the Navy honors past and present members of the Navy who serve and protect the nation.

fullstaffThe Mexican flag is flown at full staff on June 1 to honor the Navy

The Mexican Navy is charged with the role to “use the naval force of the federation for the exterior defense, and to help with internal order”. It is a branch of the Mexican military in charge of naval operations. It has over 189 ships, 130 aircraft and employs 56,000 men and women plus reserves.

diaMarineThe role of the Navy in recent times has shifted focus with a key role on fighting the war on drugs. It also has a key role in protecting the oil reserves and Pemex installations. The Navy has a very good reputation for being honest, well run and efficient.

The Navy Shipyards are located at Tampico, Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Mexico and Guaymas, Acapulco and Salina Cruz on the Pacific coast. They are responsible for construction and repair of the fleet.




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