Día de los Santos Reyes – La Epifaña

Threewise menThree Kings Day – Día de los Santos Reyes – The Epiphany

Día de los Santos Reyes, the Epiphany is celebrated in most Christian countries celebrating the Magi (also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings who visited Jesus shortly after his birth and before his baptism.

It is an important point in the bible that they were group of distinguished foreigners who worshiped the Christ child and were in stark contrast to the local leaders who wanted to kill him. Nativity scenes, that are very popular in Mexico, are left up in January until January 7th. The three kings are added the night of the 5th.

The highlight of the Christmas season for children in Mexico is January the 6th and is known as ‘Three Kings Day.’ Children receive their Christmas gifts commemorating the visit of the 3 kings to the Christ child.

Traditionally Mexicans have observed Christmas in a solemn fashion and celebrated Epiphany as the gift giving holiday. Days before the 6th, La Rosca de Reyes or Three Kings Cakes go on sale at every supermarket in Mexico in preparation for the celebration

rocaTraditionally in Mexico children leave their shoes outside the door on the night of January 5th. A Magi puts gifts in the shoes and the children awake to find the presents.

Families celebrate with a dinner and serve La Rosca de Reyes or Three Kings Cake, It is an oval cake – almost a heavy shortcake in texture – topped with candied fruit. It is a special cake with a figure of Baby Jesus hidden somewhere in one of the pieces. The tradition is that the person that receives the figure must host the party at the upcoming Candelaria on February 2.



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