Día de San Valentín

Día de San Valentín OaxacaKiss

A Kiss in Oaxaca

February 14

Valentine’s Day

El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the “Day of Love and Friendship.”

In Mexico Valentines Day is more than just a day for lovers. It is the day you show affection and love for friends and family. Men wish each other “Happy Valentines Day” for example, if they have a close or familiar relationship. No one is left out.

lipsA week before the 14th, you will see special flowers, chocolates, arrangements of every kind in markets and stores. The tianguis – weekly traveling market – is chock full of muges with hearts, little stuffed animals and other gifts for special friends.

This is also a day for lovers Like the Canada and the US, restaurants are full and reservations are required for many special places. Romantic? Of course Mexicans are very romantic and you will see lots of couples cooing at each other over dinner.

“Te quiero” means I love you in Spanish but in a cool family, friendship way….It is used freely. “Te amo” on the other hand is the hubba hubba kind of burning love….not something you would say to your sister….although some say te amo to their children.

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