Día de Todos los Santos

Día de Todos los Santos – All Saints Day

AllSaintsday November 1

All Saints day is a religious holiday celebrating all saints and martyrs – both known and unknown. It is one of the three days of Hallowmas; Hallows Eve (October 31), All Saints Day and All Souls Day (November 2). It is a Catholic holy day of obligation and therefore by canon law Christians are expected to take mass and not partake in worldly affairs.

In Mexico All Saints Day is combined with All Soul’s Day – Day of the Dead – Celebrations. On All Saints Day there is particular emphasis honoring babies and young children that have died.


day of the dead aCemeteries are decorated and all night vigils take place at the grave site. Food, drinks, flowers and things that the deceased enjoyed are left beside the grave. It is not a particularly sad event, rather it is an opportunity to show respect for the departed.

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