Día del Charro

Día del Charro

CharroSeptember 14

Day of the Horseman

This Day celebrates horsemen not cowboys. The Charro learns to become a horseman and performer early usually from family tradition passed from one generation to another. The horses are carefully groomed and the ballet on horseshoes is a glamorous dance where the rider and horse perform together and in harmony. The event, a Charrería, is organized into a traditional presentation and form.

The Charro is elegant and has prescribed outfit and wide sombrero. Female riders have colorful flowing skirts and matching blouses and hats ted at the chin.

Charro2Unlike a rodeo, Charreadas are more colorful and elegant. While there is riding and roping for example, the Mexican version is aimed at grace, honor and sport.

Communities that celebrate Day of the Charro usually go so with a parade, highlighting various aspects of the sport. A particular rider may show his skill with a rope or with a horse move. Often a Charrería will cap the day’s events.





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