Día Nacional de la Aviación

Día Nacional de la Aviación (National Aviation Day)

Día Nacional de la Aviación (National Aviation Day) established October 1943 celebrates the accomplishments and history of aviation in Mexico.


October 23

Established October 1943.

1784 – José María Alfaro raised the first hot air balloon

1825 – On the anniversary of Independence a hot air driven balloon was demonstrated.

1898- Flora Conde was the first Mexican woman to fly in a balloon.

1910 – Alberto Braniff flew a biplane 500 meters (25 meters high) on the plains of Balbuena, east of the city of Mexico

1911 – Madero made a short plane ride on the outskirts of Mexico City and developed a military interest in flying. Later General Victoriano Huerta invested in Pilot training.

1915, Venustiano Carranza created the Mexican Air Force, General Francisco Villa bought biplanes for his own air force

1917 – Use by Post Office, media messages

1920 – Aircraft used to defeat Huerista government troops.

1928 – Commercial fights began; aviation tourism.

1943 – Presidential decree of General Manuel Avila Camacho, was instituted on October 23 as National Aviation Day



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