Documents required for Pets

Documents Required for Pets Entering Mexico

While the regulations requiring a Pet Certificate of Good Health have been on the books for quite some time, in practice they were not readily enforced. This is no longer true. To avoid a costly quarantine or to be sent back, it is a better strategy to have the permits in hand.

Note that dogs and cats that are three months old or less may not legally enter Mexico.

The Mexican Consulate website (Consulate’s website) states that:

Travelers wishing to travel to Mexico with their dogs or cats must obtain beforehand the following documents:

  1. A Health Certificate issued by an official authority or by a licensed veterinarian provided that his signature is approved by a State Veterinarian, and
  2. Proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper, administered at least 15 days before the arrival of the pet in Mexico.

No consular certification is required.


(Form 77-043) An International Certificate of Good Health is issued by a licensed veterinarian and the signature must be approved by the State Veterinarian who has examined your pet.

Check before you leave the vet’s office that the certificate:

  1. a) states your full name and address
  2. b) contains the actual vaccination dates
  3. c) describes your pet species, age and sex
  4. d) verifies your pet has been examined and has been found free of all contagious diseases.

As with all of your important documents, ensure you have more than one copy.

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