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Dolores hidalgo coaPuebloM“Being a bit of a history buff, it was wonderful to visit Dolores Hidalgo; to stand on the church steps and look out at the square. And it is a charming square with statues, tall shade trees and lots of benches to watch the street action.

The town has become a bit of a meca for Mexicans now, who are very proud of their roots, history and heroes.”

Dorothy Bell


Photographs by Bill Bell

Name: Dolores Name given by the Spanish Viceroy Enriquez de Almanza and established the Congregation of Nuestra Señora Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows) in 1570. Later the parish purchased neighboring lands and formed the boundaries of the original City.

Hildalgo was added to the name in 1824. after Miguel Hidalgo who rang the church bells on September 16, 1810 and made the famous plea for independence on the church steps.

Location: Dolores Hidalgo is located in the State of Guanajuato in the center of Mexico North of Queretero and Mexico City. It is located on the national Trans Mexican Volcanic

Weather: Temperate and semi-arid climate. Most Precipitation is June to September. Summers are moderately hot with sporadic thunderstorms. Winters are moderate.

January Average Highs 23.0C (73.4F) Lows 6C (42.8F)

July Average Highs 27.2C (81F ) Lows 13.9C (57F)

Population: 54,900 city 134,700 Municipality

Elevation: 1,980 meters (6,480 feet)


Founded: 1570

Medical: Hospital, doctors, dentists, clinicvs

Money: Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

From Mexico City take Highway 57 towards Queretaro. Continue until Highway 45 towards Guanajuato and then catch Federal Highway 110 towards Dolores Hidalgo. Distance chart: To Mexico City – 311 km; To Guanajuato – 53 km; To Queretaro – 108 km




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