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“Ensenada is built on a harbor, but beaches can be enjoyed to both the north and south of the city. Estero Beach – Playa Estero – is just the southern beach suburb of Ensenada, not a separate town at all.

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Estero Beach is not as surf friendly nor as packed as the northern stretches of sand to the north but it is perfect for lazing away and enjoying the calm. Mild waves. Calm. Tranquil. Enjoy soft sand and reading a great novel.

The waters are cool – like San Diego – but many enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving and sea kayaking. The reefs attract seals, sea lions and dolphins; visible from shore.

estero 5The Estero Beach Hotel is located here and you can get a day pass to use the facilities at this resort. Here you can be pampered in the spa, use the pools, enjoy the restaurants and enjoy the water views.”

Dorothy Bell


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Getting There: From the Tijuana border, drive Highway 1D 110 kms past Rosarito directly to Ensenada. Continue driving highway on past the military base until you reach approximately KM 15. Turn right as directed by signs on a street named Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon. Follow the road until you hit the ocean.

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