General Security Precautions

General Security Precautions for RVers

Camping security precautions should be routinely adhered to regardless of country. For example, in Canada or the US we wouldn’t leave valuables outside if we were to go on a day trip or leave them at the campsite. We wouldn’t in Mexico either.

Having said that, many of the toys in your RV would be a months wages to many Mexicans. Be cautious. The following guidelines are advisable almost anywhere.

Don’t leave valuables lying around and lock them up if you leave the camp. Don’t “advertise” all your valuables and gadgets either.

Don’t boon dock unless you see at least 2 -3 others doing so. If you join them introduce yourself and get a “feel” for your neighbors and the area.

Get some kind of alarm that will make noise if an intruder enters. At least get some security or alarm decals.

Don’t open your door at night unless you check who is knocking. Look out a window first.

Use your best judgment. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t stay.

Use your own judgment. Some people carry a “phony” wallet with expired credit cards and other worthless ID. They carry less than $50 in it and find a secure place for money and working bank or credit cards.

We take computers and very expensive cameras – so that poses other problems. We make sure nothing is left lying around – so a smash and grab is unlikely. We hide expensive items the best we can. Dogs are great deterrents for thieves.

We are big advocates of getting up early to travel. This practice ensures that we can change sites if we aren’t comfortable and that we usually get the spot we want. It gives us peace of mind in case we breakdown or have some kind of problem.

In 15 years of travel we have only had a bike stolen off the back of our rig. They picked the lock.

 croc sign croc


Crocodile warning in Boca Beach




Crocodile at Boca Beach




Ken McIntyre, Pomeroy Washington writes: Looking at your security section brought a smile to my face. I remember Coco Locos  in San Blas, Nayarit.  The management tied a dog to one of the pedestals next to us without our permission.  I was PO’D that they would do that.  Why, that dog was so close that if anything came around he’d bark and wake me up.  

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE.  What a great idea!!   So I gave to the dog some leftovers from our fridge and a big bowl of water.  In 5 minutes we had a very protective friend 10 feet from our front door.  Even the security guard wasn’t able to come over without us knowing about it.   Only one time in two nights I heard a “grrrr”, the dog was perfectly quiet otherwise.


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