Getting Internet while you travel Mexico

Internet While You Travel Mexico

InternetInternet while you travel is not usually a problem. There is an assortment of opportunities to go online.

1) Hotels & RV Parks

Hotels in Mexico are certainly offering internet to their customers. Generally speaking any 3 star hotel and above will offer it. Unfortunately, No-tell-motels do not. They figure you are in their establishment for something other than Internet. Destination RV Parks are likely to offer internet too. We try to list internet services when we list RV Parks. If a RV Park has upgraded and offers internet, let us know so we can tell others.

2) Internet Cafes

Internet Cafes are everywhere in Mexico and you can find them easily. There are more here than in the US and Canada. So if you get stuck and you need to go online, drive slowly through a town and you will likely see an internet cafe before you blink.

Internet13) Hot Spots

There are many coffee shops and other businesses that offer a hot spot. Italian Coffee Company, often Starbucks. Many restaurants…Start your search!

Internet24) Satellite Dish

We had one; infact we beta tested a huge one. This is an option if you are driving an RV, need internet 24/7 and are primarily driving way off the grid. You can get the dishes easily and have them installed. The systems have worked fine for some. We found them technically challenging, (even with a great techie onboard) slow, expensive, questionable service and very heavy. While they work there are better methods.

Internet35) Banda Ancha

Banda Ancha means wide band in Spanish. The device is a little gadget that looks like a pen drive and fits on your USB port. It delivers internet signal via Tel Cell’s cell phone network. The speed is ok and we still use it if we travel extensively as we NEED internet daily.

Internet4The up side is that wherever you get cell signal (which is most places) you can get internet. So the passenger can often be on the internet while the driver is busy driving through a city or even small town. Banda ancha is offered by TelCel and can be purchased throughout Mexico at shopping centers and places that offer the phones for sale.

It costs approximately $40 for the unit and approximately the same amount per month for the service. You can get a plan for a year or so that gives a good deal or by the month. Often they have promotions so look on the internet and stores for a deal!

Improving Internet Signal

Internet5If you want to improve your internet signal for Hot Spots, Hotels, RV Parks, Unsecured Wifi then look at this device. It works great!

Improving Internet Signal


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