Guadalajara, Jalisco

Guadalajara map1Guadalajara, Jalisco

Guadalajara COA“Our family would always be so excited to go to Guadalajara for a visit. There is just so much to do here that everyone is satisfied and gets their BIG CITY fix.
For some it is the incredible shopping at one or many of the markets or modern shopping centers. For others it is a cultural opportunity to visit the theatre, opera, galleries and other venues and events.

Did I mention the home of Mariachi music, clowns on every other street corner, ballet folklorica?
We love it all. Just walking down the street, sitting in a square, visiting a church or cathedral…well it’s just dam inspiring.
I am getting drawn to Guadalajara just writing about it now. I can taste her in my mouth and feel her in my soul…Jeesh. Time for a visit.”

Guadalajara Plaza de Armas

Name: Guadalajara was named after the Spanish City of Guadalajara. The name itself is Arabic and means “river or valley of stones.”

Location: Guadalajara is loacated in the central region of the state of Jalisco in the Western-Pacific area of Mexico.

Weather: Humid subtropical climate with hot humid wet summers and warm dry winters. Huge amount or rain in the summer often with afternoon storms.



January Average Highs 24.7C (76.5F) Lows 9.5C (49.1F)

July Average Highs 27.5C (81.5F) Lows 16.5C (61.7F)

Population: The second most populous area in Mexico after Mexico City with approximately 4.5 million people. The metro area has approximately 1.5 million people. It is the 10th largest Latin American city in the world.

Elevation: 1,566 m (5,138 ft)

Founded: February 14, 1542 by Cristóbal de Oñate

Medical: Many hospitals, clinics, training centers, doctors, specialists etc.

Money: Banks and ATMs galore



See Guadalajara 3 hour Walking Tour of Historic downtown

Getting there:

Drive Highway 15 or 15 D directly into the city. From the North Highway 80 is a good artery to lead into the city.



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