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Guaymascoa(Named after a local aboriginal tribe)

Guaymas is a historical port city that has retained its culture and heritage. The city boasts both an industrial and shrimp-fishing port, but also maintains a solid historical side that displays colonial buildings with neoclassical and Moorish influences, plazas, monuments and churches. San Carlos was developed to be the Guaymas Tourist area with hotels and a marine playground for all.

Official Name – Heróica Ciudad de Guaymas

Location – Located on the Coast on the Sea of Cortez in the State of Sonora.

Weather – Hot, dry climate on the Sonora desert



Population – 134,000

Elevation – Port. Sea Level

Founded – Two Spanish ships, the Santa Agueda and El Trinidad, arrived in Guaymas Bay in 1539.

Industry – Industrial Port. Fishing related industry. Fish products, freezing and canning. Port construction and Maintenance. Manquiladoras plants produce clothes, electronics and auto parts. Some mining; mainly graphite.

Money – Plentiful banks and numerous ATMs

Airport – General José María Yáñez International Airport (Guaymas)

Medical – Hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists



The Guaymas coast was inhabited by the Guaymas Yaque and Seri tribes. In 1539 Spanish Francisco de Ulloa commanded two ships into the bay and called Guaymas “the port of ports.” Less than a century later the Jesuits were busy building missions with the Yaqui. The Seri fiercely fought the European settlements.

Well known missionaries Juan María de Salvatierra and Eusebio Kino received permission to come to this area. A mission was established just inland from Guaymas called Loereto and a small mission on the Bay called San José de Guaymas. It was abandoned in 1759 after a number of attacks by the Seri. A fort was built in 1767 to subdue the Indians and officially founded the city in 1769 although there was only one inhabitant.

The village began to grow in the early 1800’s and commercial maritime traffic facilitated growth and trade for the Europeans – the Guaymas Indians moved and disappeared as a separate group of indigenous people.

Because of its strategic maritime position, Guaymas has been under constant attack. Guaymas was captured during the Mexican American War and occupied by America for two years. A French count attacked in 1854 and the victorious defense of the city gave it the Heroic title. In 1865 French ships attacked and occupied the city until 1866.

During the Mexican Revolution, General Alvaro Obregon of the rebel army bombed 5 Federal Forces military ships via aircraft – the first areal bombardment of a naval target.

In 1925 modern port facilities were built for the Navy and in 1961 a pier was constructed for Pemex. In 1972 the Guaymas/Santa Rosalia Ferry began and established a naval corridor to the Baja.

Festivals – February Carnival; Guaymas was the first city in Mexico  to celebrate Carnival and the city has celebrated since 1888 with parades, parties and elections of the King and Queen of the carnival.

Guaymas Fish Boats head out to sea

Guaymas Fish Boats head out to sea

GuaymasmaoThings to See and Do

The Guaymas Pearl Farm gives tours. It was the first farm created in the Americas

The Sonora Dolphinarium has an interactive show for tourists. In addition it participates in therapies especially for children with disabilities.

Beaches: Nearby municipality of Miramar has a good beach area for fishing, diving, cruises, kayaking, kite boarding, snorkeling, biking.

San Carlos was developed with tourism in mind and has all the playground facilities for adults; gold course, marinas, bars, restaurants as well as outlets for scuba diving and other water sports.

Stroll Centro:

Admire the Neoclasical church of San Fernando built in the nineteenth century. La Plaza 13 de Julio is the location of the 1854 battle against the French. The kiosk was designed by Eiffel. The Plaza of the Three Presidents honors the three presidents born in Guaymas; Adolfo de la Huerta, Plutarco Elias Calles and Abelardo Rodriguez.



Guaymas Hotels

San Carlos / Guaymas

Totonaka RV Park

Hacienda de Tetakawi RV Park

El Mirador

Playa de Cortez

La Playitas Trailer Park

 Getting There:

Guaymas is on the major highway down the Pacific Coast Highway 15. Drive South from the border and south of Hermosillo to KM 148.



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