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“Hermosillo is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico due to employment opportunities from manufacturing plants and location near to the US border. The Capital of the State of Sonora, this modern city sits in the middle of the state 270 KMS from the US.hermosillo4

hermosillo2While most tourists drive through the city on their way to southern destinations for the winter, Hermosillo’s beautiful city center with outstanding architecture in worth visiting.”

Dorothy Bell


Known as the City of the Sun

Population – 790,000 inhabitants. 16th largest city in Mexico

Elevation – 216 M

Weather – Arid Desert. Dry, exceptionally hot in the summer and cold in the winter.
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July average high/low of 42C (108F) 28 C (82) January average high 24 C (75F) -3C (27F) Location – Sonora

Discovered by: Juan Bautista Escalante (Lieutenant in the Mexican Army,   an explorer) May 18, 1700.

Nearest Airport – Hermosillo’s General Ignacio Pesqueira International Airport




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