Huatambampo, Sonora

HuatabampomapHuatabampo, Sonora

  Huatabampocoa“Willow Water”

Known as the Land of Generals

Huatabampo Fast Facts

Location – Located in the southern part of the state of Sonora near the mouth of the Mayo River on the coast on the Sea of Cortez.  It is to the West of Navojoa.

Population – 76,000

Elevation – Near sea level

Huatabampomap1Industry – Agriculture (Chickpeas, Fruit, Cereal) Cattle & Swine. Fishing and shrimp farming are also important.

Founded – 1614 by Jesuit Missionaries

Money –

Airport – Nearest Airport is Navojoa – a small airport used for light commercial and private planes as well is used as a racetrack. Ciudad Obregón International Airport is the nearest commercial airport.

Medical – Doctors, dentists, clinics, hospital


The Mayo Valley was inhabited by the Mayo Indians for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans in the mid 1500’s and the Jesuits some 50 years later. It has always been prime farm land.

In 1614 Jesuit Missionaries founded the town and called it “Santa Cruz.”

Huatabampo and the area was far from the center of the conflict during the 1800’s battle for independence from Spain and enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence.

In February 1880 Álvaro Obregón Salido was born in Hacienda Siquisiva a town just outside of Navojoa. Obregon became an successful chick pea farmer and then was elected president of Hautabampo. He became involved in the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and was recognized for his superior military instincts. He led many battles and recruited troops from the Sonora and Sinaloa region. He became President of Mexico (19 February 1880 – 17 July 1928) and brought prominence to the area.

He was known to start the agricultural revolution – brining new ideas and technology to the Mayo Valley area.

Festivals – May and June are held the celebrations of the Holy Trinity

Things to See and Do:


Museum of Álvaro Obregón – His home and his 1926 Cadillac; his tomb in the Old Cemetery.


Drive Highway 15 to Navojoa and continue to south of the city to KM 128 where you will go through a toll. Make an immediate turn to the West and drive approximately 30 KMs to the city.



Hotel Finca Real AV AV JUAREZ 216 Col. FRACC DíAZ (647) 426-3196
Hotel Sonora CLL 5 S/N Col.CENTRO (647) 426-0253
Los Olivos de Huatson AVE AGUSTIN DE ITURBIDE 41 Col.CENTRO (647) 426-6198

RV Possibilities:


RV & Hotel

El Mirador Hotel, Restaurant & RV Park




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