Incorporation of Chiapas as a Federal State

Incorporation of Chiapas as a Federal State

chiapasmao September 14

By Dorothy Bell

This day celebrates the incorporation of Chiapas into Mexico in 1824.

Historical Context

The war of Independence was in the final stages. In February 1821 Mexico declared its independence of Spain through the declaration called the Plan de Iguala or Plan of the Three Guarantees.

The three goals of the plan were Religion, Independence and Unity. In September 1821 Chiapas also proclaimed their independence from Spain by adopting the Plan. Chiapas was its own country independent from Mexico City and from Central American States.

Guatamala joined the United Provinces of Central America – a federal republic that lasted until 1839. Chiapas was torn between the desire to be an independent state, unity with Mexico or with Guatamala. With much political to and fro, the elite of the state supported unity with Mexico and in September 1824 a referendum declared the pro Mexico unity a winner.

The Soconusco region of Chiapas remained neutral status for a few more years and then joined Mexico in 1842 after General Antonio López de Santa Anna occupied the area.





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