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"This is the second year we have used Bill and Dots 'ontheroadin" Mexican logs for travel on the coast and interior of Mexico. They are easy to use, save a lot of indecision and more than a lot of arguments as to where one should turn or where there is a Pemex large enough for a large rig with a tow. We appreciate all the work they have done to make traveling in Mexico a great and easy adventure."
Bill and Char Wilkerson

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CD Juarez to Chihuahua

CD Juarez to Torreon  

CD Juarez to Zacateca

CD Juarez to Aguascalientes  s

CD Juarez to Silao 

CD Juarez to Queretaro 

CD Juarez to Guadalajara

CD Juarez to Mexico City

"For years, our clients have asked us for updated road logs of Mexico. The On The Road Logs are updated, simple to read, easy to use, and offer the perfect solution that our clients have been asking for. As we insure over 100,000 vehicles crossing into Mexico each year, we believe that the On The Road logs provide our customers with additional peace of mind, and will allow them to have a more enjoyable Mexico travel experience. They may even prevent U-turns and collisions! By using the On The Road Logs, our clients will experience less stress and have a more relaxed driving experience, which should also help MexPro with reduced claims that in the past have resulted from customers getting lost or losing their composure" ....Jim Labelle President of Mexpro Insurance, the leading provider of Auto Insurance for USA and Canadian vehicles entering Mexico


Ontheroadin/Mexpro CD Juarez to Zacatecas Road Log and Driving Guide   Drive Mexico's Interior Click here