Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Matamouros Map 1Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Matamoros COA“Matamoros is a pleasant enough border town. It has the usual amenities that day-trippers cross for; dentists, prescription drugs, trikets, booze and restaurants.

It is a city that is growing strong with manufacturing and free trad factories popping up everywhere. Like many border cities, Matamoros has also had its fair share of drug trafficers and all the problems that are associated with that trade. Personally we like to get in and out quickly and not hang out waiting to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Name: Heroica Matamoros. Named after Mariano Matamoros, a hero of the Mexican War of Independence

Location: Located on the Gulf Coast on the border across from Brownsville Teac

Weather: Extremely Hot in the summer. Warm winters.

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January Average Highs 21.5C (70.7F) Lows 10.9C (51.6F)

July Average Highs 34.3C (93.7F) Lows 24.6C (76.3F)

Population: 500,000

Elevation:  9 m (26.24 ft)

Founded: 1686 by Europeans

Medical: Hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists

Money: Banks, ATMs



Matamorous map 2Getting there:

From Brownsville Texas take the US Highway 77 and cross the border.


Mateamoros Hotel

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