Matehuala, San Luis Potosi

matehuala Map 1Matehuala, San Luis Potosi

“Matehuala is usually just remembered for being the first night south of the border for RVers or where you change buses to go visit the old mining town of Real de Catorce.

Matehuala is a welcoming small colonial city where you can comfortably stroll by parks, old houses and a beautiful cathedral – Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – a neo-Romanesque cathedral that is a copy of the one in Leon France.”

Dorothy Bell

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Name: “Matehuala” means “don’t come” in the Guachichil language

Location: North Central Mexico in the Salado valley, east of the Catorce Mountains.

Weather: Matehuala has a local steppe climate; little rainfall throughout the year. About 471 mm of precipitation falls annually.

January Average Highs 21C (69F) Lows 6C (41F)

July Average Highs 30C (86F) Lows 23C (58F)

Population: 70,150, while its municipality’s population was 82,726

Elevation: 1,815 metres (5,955 feet)

Founded: 1550

Matehuala 2Medical: Doctors, dentists, clinics

Money: Bank, ATMs



Getting there: Drive south from Saltillo on Highway 57 or North from San Luis Potosi.



Matehuala hotels



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Bahia Escondida Hotel & RV Park Resort


Matehuala Map 2

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