Merida Yucatan

Merida Map 1Merida Yucatan

Merida COA“Merida is a great place to discover and explore the Northern Yucatan. You can use it as a home base while you discover the flamingos at Celestun or the Uxmal ruins or the many ancient churches in the area.
It also has all the magic for evening strolls downtown where you will discover this Mayan city’s great foods, music and joy of life. Truly a fine place to be.”
Dorothy Bell

Name: Named after the Spanish town Merida in Extremadura, Spain.

Location: Located

Weather: Extremely Hot in the summer. Hot winters.


January Average Highs 30.8C (87.4F) Lows 17.2C (63F)

July Average Highs 35.0C (95F) Lows 21.4C (70.5F)

Population: 971,000

Elevation:  10 m (30 ft)

Founded: January 6, 1542

Medical: Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Dentists

Money: Banks, ATMs



Merida Map 2Getting there:

Drive from Campeche Drive Highway 180 North. 173 Kilometers 2 hours 15 minutes.

Drive from Cancun: Drive Highway 180 West. 308 kilometers 3 hours 15 minutes


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