Mexican Beer

Mexican Beer

beerThis is probably the most contentious subject on our web. Everyone has their own opinion and so do we.

We are attempting to give you information about Mexican Beer in México. Not the stuff ay home that is brewed locally.

Beer comes in cans and bottles (draft beer is available, but usually only in major centers) and with a very few exception, all bottles come with a deposit. That means that when you originally buy your beer you will pay for the bottle and the beer AND THE BOX. Save the receipt. When you take the box of beer bottles back, you will pay a significantly lower price. This works the same for the big brown bottles – Ballenas or whales.

Cans do NOT have a deposit and cost as low as $6 for a six pack. Remember all alcohol in México has a true sliding non-fixed price. It often goes on sale.

Mexican beer comes in a variety of bottle colors. This is important because the color can often determine the likelihood of freshness. Brown bottles are considered the best at preserving the natural beer flavors, green second and lastly clear. Light, be it artificial lights at a store or the sun itself can change the taste of beer dramatically and the shelf life is severely altered. Beer goes skunky quicker in clear glass.

beerbeachMany people hide the skunky taste of stale beer with limes.

We suggest the following for those who take their beer seriously and want value:

1)      Buy your beer at a deposito (or beer store) – a case at a time.

2)      Buy brown bottles. If your beer normally comes in a clear bottle (Corona for example), consider buying a case of whales (which are brown).

3)      If you do purchase whales, have a few singles on hand when you desire a single beer. Otherwise you can waste a huge amount when you really just want a tad.

4)      Try a variety of beers until you are absolutely positive that you have your label. Then consider a blind challenge. You will be surprised by the results.

Out favorite???????

Let’s see….Well there’s Indio. Dos Equis Oscura…..That Christmas Beer…Buenos Noches…that only comes out at Christmas.

We like Victoria. Modelo can be refreshing as is Dos Equis lager.

Sol and Corona are great when fresh. Tecate has a canned taste to it. Maybe that’s because we drink it in cans. We enjoy Pacifico on a hot day and when isn’t it hot?

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